We only sell to traders

Sales men/woman in the field service

Automotive trade

We are continuously searching for motivated and committed employees to care for our customers in the automotive trade. Please send your convincing unsolicited application to the attention of:

Theo Förch GmbH & Co. KG
Theo-Förch-Straße 11-15
74196 Neuenstadt
Phone 07139 95-480
Email personal@foerch.de

We will offer you:

At FÖRCH you will start within a protected sales area having a firm customer base. In order to be able to contact your customers rapidly and flexibly we will make a neutral company car available to you which you may also use for private purposes. At FÖRCH intensive training and continuous advanced training such as a proven, versatile product portfolio are a matter of fact. These are the best conditions for a successful cooperation under the sign of a strong brand.

We expect from you:

Thanks to your industry-specific training in business and commerce you are talking the language of the customer and are able to perfectly empathize with your customer. Being a competent and flexible partner you create a real mutual trust. Thanks to your open-mindedness, friendliness and knowledge of human nature you acquire new customers and this way contribute to the success of the whole company. Do you also provide initiative, determination and commitment? Then it fits!

You will be able to achieve your personal objectives and may add a new chapter to the FÖRCH success story