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Gun Foam 1K-PU "S"


  • Hardly inflammable, moisture-hardening one-component-polyurethane foam
  • General building authority approval
  • Drip-free and precise dosing with mounting gun
  • CFC-free

Processing instructions:

  • Shake can well before use (approx. 20x)
  • Slighty moistening/spraying of surfaces improves the adhesion and hardening as well as cell structure
  • Adhesion on concrete, stone, metal and wood. No adhesion on polyethylene, silicone, PTFE and grease
  • Use primer if surface is porous or priming
  • Contact tests are recommended
  • Technical data
    Build. mat. class acc. to DIN 4102, part 1:B2
    Val. joint sound-damp. dosage:57 dB
    Max. foam volume:approx. 40 l
    Foam up:approx. 150 %
    Non-stacky:after appr. 10 mins
    Can be cut:after appr. 40 mins
    (Ascertained at +20°C, 60% humidity)
    Processing temperature+5 °C bis +25 °C
    for can, environment, underground:+5°C to +25°C
    Temperature resistant (hardened):-40°C to +90°C
    *measured at +20 °C, 60 % rel. air humidity
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