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Winter pistol foam 500 ml


  • Ready-to-us, single component, self-expandable polyurethane winter foam for temperatures down to -10 °C (surroundings, surface)
  • Suitable for filling, panding, and insulation of window connection, pipe openings, wall connections, wall openings, and hollow spaces
  • Excellent adhesion on almost every construction surface
  • Compact tin ensures easy handling
  • Building test and approval

Processing information:

  • If the adhesion is influenced disadvantageously by water, snow, ice, sharp wind and freezing temperatures, and additional measures may be needed
  • Can be processed on lightly wet surfaces, standing water or ice on the adhesive surfaces must be removed
  • At temperatures lower than 0 °C the yield might be reduced and the hardening might be delayed
  • We recommend a tin temperature of approx. +5 °C for the best processing
  • Screw tin tightly on the pistol. Shake well approx. 30 ×
  • Fill hollow spaces 2/3, as the foam will grow
  • Technical data
    Foam colour:beige
    Building material class acc. to DIN 4102-1:B2
    Temperature resistance:-40 °C to +90 °C
    Yield* (free-rised):up to 40 l
    Cuttable*:after approx. 40 min (30 mm strand at +20 °C)
    Non-sticky*:after approx. 8 min (30 mm strand at +20 °C)
    Fully resilient*:after approx. 120 min (30 mm strand at +20 °C)

    *information depending on respective temperature and humidity

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