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Formwork Release Oil


  • A high-quality, non-water-soluble universal release agent
  • Does not stain concrete surfaces and is economical to use and therefore particularly cost-effective
  • Free of waxes, silicones and solvents
  • Environmentally friendly and readily biodegradable


  • Used for all types of formwork common in concrete factories and structural engineering: for non-absorbent or slightly absorbent formwork (phenolic resin formwork facing etc.) and for solid plastic and plastic-coated formwork facing
  • Suitable for timber, metal and plastic formwork
  • Technical data
    Density (15 °C DIN 51 757):860 kg/m³
Art. No. Art. Description Download data sheets QTY Quantity unit PU Packing unit    
6880 26 30 CAN(30L)FORMWORK RELEASE OIL Container 1
6880 26 1000 1000 L FORMWORK RELEASE OIL Litre 1