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Power Adhesive Hybrid FÖRCH 5*



  • 1K-Power adhesive with extremely high initial tack and ultimate strength
  • Very good adhesion on almost all usual construction substrates, also damp ones
  • Quick hardening 
  • Odourless and non-corrosive to metals
  • Elastic joint
  • Natural stone compatible
  • Can be painted over when cured
  • Very good UV, weathering and seewater resistance
  • Isocyanate, silicone and tin-free

Complies with the requirements of the following standards: 

  • GEV-Emicode EC 1 plus 


  • System component of the FÖRCH pre-wall installation system
  • Excellent adhesion to wood, metal, natural stone, concrete, duro- and thermoplastics, polystyrene, ceramic, glass, etc. 
  • Particularly suitable for various applications in vehicle constructions and vehicle bodies for the bonding of sandwich panels
  • For vertical and overhead applications, as well as for the bonding of panels, wooden strips, window sills, etc.  
  • For container building, metal trade and mechanical engineering, plastic bonding, indoor and outdoor applications, mirror bonding, as well as for the working of natural stone, etc.
  • No adhesion on PE / PP


  • The surfaces to be bonded must be sound, clean, as well as grease and oil-free
  • Pre-treat porous substrates with silicone undercoat (Art.-No. 6830 8299) or primer system (Art.-No. 6880 1000)
  • Put the materials to be bonded together within skin formation time
  • Technical data
    Film characteristics:elastic
    Shore A hardness:approx. 70
    Viskosity (at +20°C):highly viscous-pasty
    Density (acc. to EN 542 at +20°C):approx. 1.47 g/cm³
    Tensile strength:5 N/mm²
    Skin formation time (at +20 °C,
    50 % rel. hum.):approx. 5 min
    Hardening speed (at +20 °C):approx. 3 mm (in 24 h)
    Min. processing temperature:starting at 0 °C
    (short term up to +120 °C)
    Temperature resistance:-30 °C to +80 °C
    Storage time (dry, betw. +15 °C and
    +25 °C):12 months
  • Documents
  • Usage
  Art. No. Art. Description Download data sheets QTY Quantity unit PU Packing unit    
POWER ADHESIVE HYBRID 450G  5* 6880 18 310 POWER ADHESIVE HYBRID 450G 5* Cartridge e 25
POWER ADHESIVE HYBRID 870G  5* 6880 18 600 POWER ADHESIVE HYBRID 870G 5* Tubular bag 10

Scope of delivery Art. No. 6880 18 600:

  • Incl. cartridge tip adapter and nozzle with V-weld