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Multifunction Cartridge Pistol


  • Compressed-air device to manufacture seam sealings, surface coatings as well as adhesive beads out of 310 ml cartridges
  • Integrated pressure reducer automatically decreases the power system pressure to an operating pressure of 7 bar
  • Controller for quantity of sprayed air and the material, which acts independently from each other, provide a infinite adjustment according to the applications
  • 2-step-trigger releases sprayed air in step 1, and material in step 2.
  • Hermetic separation of material and air. The material cartridge remains fully ventilated preventing compressid air entering it.
  • Suitable plug nipple: Art.-No. 3926 14 1

Scope of delivery Art.-No. 6010 6360:

  • 1x Telescopic multifunction gun without plug nipples 
  • 10x multifunction nozzles
  • 1x blue union nut for multifunction-Duo-nozzle set,
  • 1x black union nut for cartridges with standard nozzles