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Aerosol Safety Nozzles - White


  • Technical data
    Art.-No.Article DescriptionSize
    6710 0885Electronic Contact Cleaner R570400 ml
    6740 0170Engine Easy-Start300 ml
    6110 0913Brake Cleaner Professional R500500 ml
    6130 1571Silicone Remover R507500 ml
    6130 1860Food, Machine and Implement Cleaner S472400 ml
    6500 5500High Perform. Adhesive Chain Grease S405500 ml
    6520 5575High Performance PTFE Oil S408500 ml
    6500 5775Leaf-Spring/Pinion Lubricant S452500 ml
    6700 0055Turbo Power Rust Off S409300 ml
    6700 0026Rust Off Super Rapid S410300 ml
    6520 5750Maintenance Oil S407300 ml
    6110 1050Carburetter Cleaner R577300 ml