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Bio-Diesel System Clean TRUCKline


  • Power and energy for all bio-diesel engines
  • Effective removal of dirt, contaminants and resin formation throughout the bio-diesel system
  • Absorbs harmful moisture and water ingress to improve bio-diesel combustion
  • Improves flow properties and optimises injector nozzle atomisation, guarantees clean and powerful combustion
  • Reduces soo deposits and engine knocking
  • Improves cold start behaviour
  • Suitable for turbos and catalytic converters

Fields of application:

  • Bio-diesel engines, plant equipment and generators etc.


  • Add to diesel system prior to filling the tank every 3 to 4 months. Sufficient for up to 250 litres of fuel.
  • For commercial vehicles, plants, aggregations and generators empty contents into fuel tank, ensure at least 0.5 % of the tank capacity has bio-fuel content.