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Engine System Cleaner R578


  • For cleaning the complete internal combustion system of gasolines
  • Suitable for catalytic converter/turbo charger
  • Removes dirt and accumulated residue in carburettor and induction systems without disassembly.
  • Ensures easier setting of the CO and HC emission levels


Shake vigorously before use.

Carburettor engines: Spray approx. 50% in the warm carburettor while the engine is switched off. Wait 10 mins. Spray a small amount in the vent openings of the float chamber, the rest in the carburettor. Let the engine run for 10 mins and then perform the settings.

Injection engines: Spray the complete contents through the vacuum hose into the induction system while the engine is running. Let the engine run for approx. 10mins and the perform settings.