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Ceramic engine wear protection additive


  • High-performance additive with superior lubrication properties
  • Reduces friction and wear and offers long-term protection for your engine
  • Decreases oil and fuel consumption and reduces engine noise
  • Improves oil viscosity and reduces oil temperature
  • Restores engine performance


  • suitable for all petrol, diesel, and LPG engines (with or without turbocharger)
  • compatible with all standard oils sold on the market
  • doesn't compromise filters or catalytic converters
  • not suitable for vehicles with a wet clutch
  • sufficient for 4 – 6 l oil fill capacities


  • shake well before use.
  • after changing the oil and running the engine to warm it, pour in the contents of the bottle
  • do not allow the fill level to exceed the specified high oil level
  • best results achieved after 15 minutes of driving
  • recommended use every 50,000 km