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Oil Booster FÖRCH 5*


  • Improves the oil performance
  • Prevents sludge oil deposits throughout the lubrication system
  • Neutralises harmful acids
  • Protects from hot sludge


  • Higher operation safety of the vehicle
  • Longer service life of aggregates and less wear
  • Reduces oil and fuel consumption and improves the engine performance
  • Guarantees smooth engine running
  • Protects oil seals and reduces gasket hardening

Fields of application:

  • Suitable for all petrol and diesel engines
  • Can be added to all common oil types and qualities


  • Add 50 ml oil booster per 1 liter engine oil
  • Add 100 ml oil booster per 1 liter manual transmission oil or differential oil
  • Add to new oil after every oil change
  • Usage