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Cutting Agent for Windscreen Adhesives


  • Tenside Agent for quick and easy removal of windscreens
  • Cutting tool wear is reduced due to less build-up of heat and friction
  • Reduced strain on cutting tool, less effort required, reduced risk of injury
  • Corrosion-resistant


  • Soak ASK adhesive material to be cut. Cut or removed with ASK Cutting Agent. If possible apply both to internal and external PU material. Start cutting process and if required apply more Cutting Agent during removal.
  • After removal of the old windscreen thorougly remove the remaining ASK Cutting Agent from the surface with ASK-Windscreen Bond Cleaner R540 Art. No. 6110 1000
  • Reactivate the crawler with ASK-Activator K112 Art. No. 6600 6110