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1K-Synthetic Resin Primer L285


Highly covering anti-corrosive primer with excellent application properties

  • With anti-corrosive pigments
  • Excellent rolling, painting and spraying properties
  • Excellent flow
  • Aromatic-free

Fields of application:

As an corrosion-protective primer and intermediate coating on steel, cast metal and sheet metal e.g. vehicle frames, metal construction, bridge structures, metal tanks etc. Can also be used as transport coating in steel construction (minimum film thickness 40 µm).


  • Painted surfaces, bare sheet steel, wood, spackled surface
  • Overpaintable only with synthetic resin paints (alkyd)
  • Not suitable for galvanized and aluminium surfaces, cannot be coated with polyester filler
  • No reworkings with PU sealing compounds
  • Not suitable for powder-coatings (temperatures too high)


  • With resin-thinner R506 (Art.-Nr. 6130 1590)
  • Thinning adjustment depending on layer thickness 10 - 15 %

Application equipment:

  • Brush, roller or spray guns
  • Spraying gun nozzle at least Ø 1.7 mm
  • Breathing protection mask filter type A2/A2 P3 (Art.-No. 5403 6815)


  • Grey, red-brown
  Art. No. Art. Description Download data sheets QTY Quantity unit PU Packing unit    
5KG 1K-SYN.RES.PRIM.GREY L286 6200 0700 50 5KG 1K-SYN.RES.PRIM.GREY L286 Can 1
10KG 1K-SYN.RES.PRIM.GREY L285 6200 0700 100 10KG 1K-SYN.RES.PRIM.GREY L285 Can 1
25KG 1K-SYN.RES.PRIM.GREY L285 6200 0700 250 25KG 1K-SYN.RES.PRIM.GREY L285 Can 1
5KG 1K-SYN.RES.PRI.DA-RED L285 6200 0705 50 5KG 1K-SYN.RES.PRI.DA-RED L285 Can 1
10KG 1K-SYN.RES.PRI.D-RED L285 6200 0705 100 10KG 1K-SYN.RES.PRI.D-RED L285 Can 1
25KG 1K-SYN.RES.PRI.D-RED L285 6200 0705 250 25KG 1K-SYN.RES.PRI.D-RED L285 Can 1
This information is only a recommendation based on our experiences. Preliminary tests required. Please check colour fastness prior to use!