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2K-Universal Primer L288


Excellently adhering primer with good fillling properties (up to 100 µm) and outstanding corrosion protection for double-layer base lacquers

  • Excellent adhesion properties on surfaces difficult to paint
  • Wet-in-wet application possible (no sanding in between)
  • Outstanding corrosion protection
  • Suitable for For thin and thick layers (up to 100 µm dry film)
  • Outstanding sandability
  • Excellent flow

Fields of application:

  • As an adhesion promoter for surfaces difficult to paint such as aluminium, zinc, copper, brass as well as plastics. As a priming filler for compensating minor damage or sanding grooves.


  • Painted surfaces, bare sheet steel, aluminium, galvanized surfaces, wood, various plastics
  • Overpaintable with all common paints
  • Can not be coated with filler
  • Not suitable for powder-coatings


  • 10:1 with 2K-Acrylic HS-Hardener L280 / 2K-Acrylic HS-Hardener short L281
  • Acrylic thinner R508 (Art.-No. 6130 1595) 10 - 20 % depending on layer thickness

Application equipment:

  • Brush, roller or spray guns
  • Spray gun nozzle at least Ø 1.7 mm
  • Breathing protection mask filter type A2 / A2 P3 (Art.-No. 5403 6815)


  • Light-grey
This information is only a recommendation based on our experiences. Preliminary tests required. Please check colour fastness prior to use!