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Finish-Base Coat L277


  • for the original configuration of repaired or replaced sheet metal parts in passenger cars, trucks or in agricultural engineeringk
  • continuously adjustable surface spray head
  • coloured can top in the colours:
    RAL 7033 (green), RAL 7034 (beige) and RAL 7042 (grey)
  • excellent corrosion protection features and very good adhesion on frosted ferrous and non-ferrous grounds
  • for aprons, rear panels, trunk floors, inner sides of front panels etc.
  • also suitable as machine paint resp. preliminary repair paint in the industrial sector
  • professional spray pattern
  • excellent coverage
  • quick drying
  • impact resistant
  • dust-dry after 10 min.
  • can be recoated wet-in-wet after 20 min. with nearly all modern paint system
  • can be recoated after drying (approx. 30 min.) with other NC-paints
  • can be reworked with filler after 60 min.


  • shake spray can well for at least 2 min. before use
  • ideal application temperature between +15 °C and +25 °C
  • ground has to be clean, dry and grease-free
  • pre-treat plastic material grounds with FÖRCH Plastic Primer Art.-No. 6220 2555

Colour assignment:

  • RAL 7033 (green): Opel
  • RAL 7034 (beige): VW
  • RAL 7042 (grey): Audi, Mercedes-Benz
  • Usage
  Art. No. Art. Description Download data sheets QTY Quantity unit PU Packing unit    
FIN.BASE COAT GREEN L277 500ML 6200 0560 FIN.BASE COAT GREEN L277 500ML Piece e 6
FIN.BASE COAT BEIGE L277 500ML 6200 0561 FIN.BASE COAT BEIGE L277 500ML Piece e 6
FIN.BASE COAT GREY L277 500ML 6200 0562 FIN.BASE COAT GREY L277 500ML Piece e 6