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Rust converter Korroplex L237


  • Penetrates into surfaces after removal of loose rust
  • Neutralizes and stabilizes iron oxides and converts them into an insoluble, organometallic compound
  • Converted layer is blue-black, easily recognisable for the operator
  • Technical data
  • Benefit / Value
    • Fast reaction time with additional insulation and blocking effect
    • Prevents "lightning-quick corrosion"
    • Adhesion promoter for subsequent painting
    • Pintable, fillable, leaves no brush marks
    • Even on wet surfaces
    • Coverage: approx.  25 m² / l
  • Usage
    • Remove loose rust, paint, oil or wax residue with a wire brush or similar from the parts to be terated
    • Wash off any existing salts
    • Apply Korroplex with brush, spray or roller, apply once (12 - 15 µ)
    • Processing temperature: +5 °C to + 40 °C
    • Do not apply in full sun
    • After 3 hours reaction time, can be painted or filled with all solvent-based products
    • Clean utensils with water after use