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CU Weld Spray L233


  • Copper and spot-welding sealer for spot and protective MIG welding
  • Improves contact
  • Protects welding spots and sheet metals from corrosion
  • Contains 50 % copper metal
  • Can be welded wet and dry
  • Applicable on almost all kinds of ferrous materials (steel, zinc-plated steel)
  • CU Weld Spray cannot be painted over. De-grease any CU overspray before top coating.
  • Prior to coating, sand and degrease welding spots
  • The normal temperature resistance of the paint (dry film) is approx. 60 °C (starting adhesion); from approx. 450 °C the synthetic almost nearly completely evaporates. A pure copper coat remains. The temperature resistance is approx. 600 °C.

Application fields:

  • Car bodies, containers, housings, coverings, casings etc.


  • Sand and clean the surface
  • Shake aerosel before and spray onto the area to be welded
  • Allow to dry for a short time
  • Usage