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Zinc-flake spray L228


  • Highly effective thin layer of zinc 
  • Ideal for subsoil structures or as a stable surface 
  • Long-term corrosion protection with additional barrier protection due to zinc flakes
    and nano particles 
  • Ideal as excellent metal primer for original manufacture and repair of damaged zinc phosphate layers 
  • Quick-drying, can be spot-welded and levelled over, good functionality in conjunction with PU and MS polymer sealants, can be over-painted using commercial 1K and 2K topcoat systems (prior compatibility testing recommended ) 
  • Temperature resistant up to +240°C 
  • Drying:
    - bone-dry: approx. 15 min 
    - grip-dry: approx. 30 min
    - completely dry: approx. 10 – 12 hrs 
    - may be painted on after approx. 12 hrs 


  • The parts being treated must be clean, dry, grease and rust-free 
  • Shake the can for at least 2 minutes before opening 
  • Spray thinly from a distance of approx. 15 – 20 cm (1 spray = approx. 20 µm). There should be a second spray For metals with greater surface roughness
  • Allow to dry for approx. 5 min when sprayed several times

Advantages of zinc flakes: 

  • Contact, conductivity and the cathodic corrosion protection remain even when the zinc flakes are being moved as the pigments lie closely on top of one another, improved ability to weld
  • Better resistance against environmental influences due to the long diffusion paths, the penetration of water and moisture is made considerably more difficult as the flakes have a great hydrophobic (water-repellent ) surface
  • Surface of the layer is smoother and stronger, better grip and better layer strength
  • Technical data
    Zinc dustthin layer of zinc
    sphericalplatelet shaped
    high layer thickness for a good protection against corrosionlow layer thickness to offer good protection against corrosion
    high zinc content in the dry filmlow zinc content in the dry film
    active cathodic corrosion protectionactive cathodic corrosion protection
    passive corrosion protection using barrier effect
  • Usage

Former zinc sprays:
Spherical zinc pigments and a relatively large layer thickness formed the basis for protection against corrosion. 

Zinc-flake spray:
Platelet shaped zinc pigments with a large specific surface geometry form a very high barrier effect with regards to low layer thickness and therefore a much better protection against corrosion.