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1K-MS K137 White Power Adhesive


  • Elastic, strong all-purpose adhesive and sealant
  • Glues nearly all materials including glass, metal, many plastics, ceramics, aluminium, wood, concrete etc.
  • Benefit / Value
    • Can be painted
    • For metal construction, body shops, vehicle and container building, ventilation and air conditioning technology etc.
    • Free from isocyanate and solvents
    • Free from silicone and halogens
    • Temperature resistant from -40 °C to +120 °C, briefly up to +180 °C
    • Fills joints, with very good adhesion on nearly all materials
  • Usage
    • The parts to be glued together must be joined within 10 min and then mechanically fixed
    • The surface must be clean, dry and free from grease
Art. No. Art. Description Download data sheets QTY Quantity unit PU Packing unit    
6630 6560 1K-MS-POWER ADH.WH. K137 300G Piece ed 24

Replacement nozzle:

  • Art. No. 6480 4558