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Adhesive Sealant 1K-PUR K126


  • Strong-gripping single-component adhesive and sealant with polyurethane base
  • For permanent elastic bonding and sealing
  • For primed and coated metals, aluminium, wooden materials, thermosetting plastics
  • For car body, container and vehicle construction, ventilation and air-conditioning technology, metal construction, etc.

  • Benefit / Value

    • Can be painted over after around 45 min
    • Can be applied with a brush or trowel
    • Temperature resistant from -40 °C to +90 °C, briefly up to +120 °C
    • Meets the requirements of the German Foods, Consumer Goods and Feedstuffs Code (German Food and Feed Code LFGB)
  • Usage
    • Apply the material to the substrate. The coating thickness depends on the composition of the materials to be glued. The counter-material must be laid and pressed on within 10 min. We recommend clamping the bond in place until it hardens completely.
    • The surface must be clean, dry, and free from grease
    • The adhesion and compatibility with plastics and paints must be tested for the individual objects.
  Art. No. Art. Description Download data sheets QTY Quantity unit PU Packing unit    
ADH.SEAL.1K-PUR BK. K126 310ML 6630 6500 ADH.SEAL.1K-PUR BK. K126 310ML Cartridge ed 24
ADH.SEAL.1K-PUR WH. K126 310ML 6630 6501 ADH.SEAL.1K-PUR WH. K126 310ML Cartridge ed 24
ADH.SEAL.1K-PUR GR. K126 310ML 6630 6502 ADH.SEAL.1K-PUR GR. K126 310ML Cartridge ed 24

Replacement nozzle:

  • Art. No. 6015 8270