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2K-CA K170 super glue gel


  • High quality 2 component glue based on cyanoacrylate
  • Excellent adhesive properties on many materials and plastic, such as wood, paper, leather, textiles, metals. rubber, PVC, ABS, PC, PBT and acrylic glass (PMMA)
  • Universally applicable, for quick and easy repair and permanent adhesion
  • Extremely impact resistant and can be mechanically processed

    • Technical data
      Base: Mixture A & B
      Mixing ratio:4:1
      Processing time:Approx 3 mins
      Final hardening:24 h
      Gap filling capacity:6 mm
      Polycarbonate: 15 sec.
      Temperature resistance:-20 °C up to +80 °C (temporary up to +120 °C)
      • Basis: Cyanoacrylate
      • Processing time: approx. 3 mins.
      • Final hardening. approx 24 h.
      • Gap filling capacity: 6 mm
      • Touch dry: Aluminium: 5 sec.
      • Polycarbonate: 15 sec.
      • Temperature resistance: -20 °C to +80 °C,(briefly up to +120 °C)
    • Benefit / Value
      • Due to its thixotropic properties, this adhesive is drip-free and well suited for overhead work and on vertical surfaces
      • High gap filling capacity of up to 6 mm
      • Very good media resistance (e.g. petrol and diesel)
      • Transparent adhesion on PMMA
    • Usage
      • Broad application range in the workshop, building trade and industrial sectors
      • E.g. for the adhesion of parking sensors on cars, or distribution sockets and cable ducts in electrical installation work
      • Set up the mixer, put the piston into the double syringe and apply a small amount of glue before adhesion
      • After applying the adhesive always press the parts together within 1 minute
    Art. No. Art. Description Download data sheets QTY Quantity unit PU Packing unit    
    6410 4170 2K CA SUPER GLUE GEL 10G K170 Piece e 10
    6410 4171 NOZZLE F.2K-CA SUPER GLUE K170 Piece 10

    Delivery scope:

    • 1 x adhesive syringe, 10 g.
    • 3 x static mixers
    • 1 x piston