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Speedbond Adhesive System


  • Practical repair set including Speedbond-Fluid and Speedbond-Powder in two different colours for repairing various types of damage quickly and easily

Speedbond-Fluid K134:

  • High-strength, transparent, heat and chemical-resistant cyanoacrylate adhesive
  • Bonds metal, rubber, wood, many types of plastic etc. quickly, safely and easily
  • Seams on soft materials (e.g. rubber, PVC tarpaulins, etc.) remain elastic


  • Special granulate for filling blemishes and cavities when bonding with Speedbond-Fluid K134
  • Ideal for filling wider gaps and repairing extreme fractures
  • After hardening, the seam can be processed mechanically and covered with filling compound or paint
  • For filling heights of 2 mm or more, apply several layers of adhesive
  • The seam can be visually adapted to the substrate by selecting granulate with a matching colour, thereby eliminating the need for subsequent painting work in many cases
  • Usage


  • 3× Art. No. 6410 4150: Speedbond-Fluid K134 20 g
  • 2× Art. No. 6410 4151: Speedbond-Powder white 20 g
  • 2× Art. No. 6410 4153: Speedbond-Powder black 20 g