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Med.strength surf.sealant orange K181 FÖRCH 5*


  • Surface sealant for sealing of narrow flanges and sealing faces with small outlet openings and liquid channels
  • Basis: Dimethyl acrylic acid ester
  • Colour: orange / fluorescent
  • Technical data
    Viscosity (25 °C):28,000 - 40,000 mPas
    Density (25 °C):1.05 g/cm³
    Temperature resistance:-55 °C to +150 °C
    Max. gap filling capacity:0.5 mm
    Breakaway torque:›8 Nm
    Shear strength (DIN 54452):5 – 10 N/mm²
    Touch-dry:10 – 20 min
    Functional strength:3 – 6 h
    End strength:6 – 24 h
  • Benefit / Value
    • With NSF registration (NSF/ANSI Standard 61)
    • Silicone-free
    • outstanding chemical resistance
    • Labelling not required in accordance with the German Ordinance on Hazardous Substances (GefStoffV)
    • With screw cap dosing system:
      - Practical screw cap for practical one-handed use
      - Continuously adjustable dosing system for optimum application,
        consumption and cost minimised dosing
      - Self-cleaning closure system, no blockage of the dosing nozzle
  • Usage
    • Surface seal for quick and easy application, also using a paint roller or in screen printing