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Threadlock.compound high-strength K176 FÖRCH 5*


  • for securing and sealing threaded fasteners which normally do not have to be loosened again
  • particularly suitable for heavy-duty bolt connections
  • Technical data
    Viscosity (25°C) [mPas]:500-900
    Density (25°C) [g/cm³]:1.11
    Temperature resistance:-55 °C to +150 °C
    Max. gap filling [mm]:0.15
    Breakaway torque [Nm]:>25
    Shear strength (DIN 54452) [N/mm²]:>20
    Touchable consistency [Min.]:5-15
    Functional consistency [h]:1-3
    Final consistency [h]:5-10
    Max. thread [metr]:M25
  • Benefit / Value
    • vibration and shockproof
    • excellent resistance to media and heat, high strength
    • can only be dismantled with special tools or by heating
      to +300 °C
    • exempt from labelling as per Ordinance on Hazardous
      Substances NSF Registration (NSF/ANSI Standard 61)
    • with metered delivery via screw cap

    - practical screw cap for easy, single-handed use

    - continuously variable dispensing system for application.
      Optimised consumption to minimse costs

    - self-cleaning closure system, no clogging of the dispensing

  • Usage
    • threads, stud bolts, ball and roller bearings, etc.
    • cures even on uncleaned parts (the cleaner the surface, the stronger the seal)
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SCREW LOCK.HIGH-TENS. K176 50G 6420 4005 SCREW LOCK.HIGH-TENS. K176 50G Bottle 1 f