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Air-Flow Sensor Cleaner R576


  • For the cleaning of delicate components of the air-flow sensor
  • For gasoline and diesel engines
  • Dissolves oil, dust and soot deposits on the heat wire or the heat plate
  • Cleaning ensures stable motor performance, lower fuel consumption and also better gear shifting for vehicles with automatic transmission
  • In most cases the cleaning can avoid the expensive exchange of the sensor
  • Benefit / Value
    • Excellent cleaning action
    • Easy application, economic
    • Rapid and residue-free evaporation
    • For petrol and diesel engines
  • Usage
    • Remove air mass sensor
    • Release electrical connection and spray on the soiled component (e.g. hot wire or hot plate) and let the dirt drain off
    • Let the solvent drip off before Assembling. Application is recommended for each replacement of air filter
    • Do not touch sensitive components