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Brake Cleaner R511 ECO


  • Brake cleaner R511 ECO acetone-free is useful for quickly cleaning drum and disc brakes, brake pads and brake blocks as well as clutch parts
  • Benefit / Value
    • Bases on a special kind of special benzene
    • Suitable for heavily soiled and oily machine parts
    • Optimum cleaning effect thanks to high evaporation rate
    • Avoids stirring up of brake dust
    • Contains environmentally friendly propellant
    • Brake cleaner is free of HCFCs, CFCs, cadmium, lead, corrosive substances
    • Non-corrosive
    • With ball valve: can be used in any position
  • Usage
    • Spray at a distance of about 20 cm onto the contaminated surface, leave to run off and catch in a container
    • Repeat the procedure for heavily soiled areas
    • Clean-up with cloth or brush