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Diesel Partic. Filter Clean.SET R582/R583 5*


Cleaner R582:

  • Highly effective special cleansing foam for the treatment of soot and carbon deposits in diesel particulate filter systems of cars and transporters
  • Special cleaning liquid for deep-acting treatment
  • The cleaner reacts with carbonaceous combustion residues and solves them
  • After flushing the regeneration can be initiated
  • Non-flammable, non-metallic

Flushing Agent R583:

  • Special highly effective flushing liquid for finishing treatment of diesel particulate filter systems in passenger cars and vans
  • The rinsing liquid neutralizes the corrosive cleaner in the DPF
  • After flushing, the DPF regeneration can be initiated
  • Non-flammable, non-metallic
  • Technical data
    Odous:without odouramine-like
  • Documents
  • Benefit / Value
    • Set for the deep treatment of diesel particulate filters
    • Cleaning possible without disassembly of the diesel particulate filter
    • Minimizes the ash or soot load of the diesel particulate filter
    • Short application time
    • Effective cleaning when used in combination with Art.-No. 6110 1110 (DPF cleaning gun set)
  • Usage
    • Please refer to the technical data sheet:
    • Note: Wear protective gloves, safety goggles and PPE!
    • Provide access to the diesel particulate filter
    • Check the diesel particulate filter for mechanical damage or clogging – fire hazard!
    • Insert a suitable probe into the diesel particulate filter and spray the filter with cleaner at intervals
    • Then repeat the process to flush
    • Reassemble the diesel particulate filter and start regeneration (static / dynamic)


  • Art.-No. 6110 1106: Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner R582, 1000 ml
  • Art.-No. 6110 1108: Diesel Particulate Filter Flushing Agent R583, 500 ml