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Active Foam Cleaner Plus 5 R560


  • Removes even stubborn dirt such as oil, grease and tar stains from a variety of surfaces
  • Benefit / Value
    • Carefully matched mixture of solvents and cleaning agents
    • Effortlessly cleans all glass, chrome, plastic and paint surfaces
    • For carpets, windows, window frames, fitting, tiles, upholstery, fabrics, interior trim, headliners etc.
    • Removes insects, greasy marks and dirt film from bodywork and windscreen
    • Can also be used for engine and parts cleaning
    • Biodegradable
    • Silicone-free
  • Usage
    • Shake container thoroughly
    • Apply the Active Foam Cleaner plus 5 from a distance of about 25 cm to the area to be cleaned and leave briefly to take effect
    • Clean off with a damp sponge or chamois leather, in case of heavy contamination process needs to be repeated
    • Ensure sufficient ventilation and extraction when cleaning
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6100 1660 ACTIVE+5 FOAM CLEAN.R560 600ML Piece esh 30