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Wheel Rim Cleaner FOAM R522


  • Easily removes stubborn dirt and brake dust
  • Dissolves mineral oil and grease residues
  • Benefit / Value
    • Aerosol can with pure air as the propellant
    • Sprays in any position due to 360° valve
    • Rim cleaning foam with active indicator
    • Cleans thoroughly and automatically
    • Stays acting for longer than liquid cleaner since highly effective gel formula significantly slows run off
    • Acid-free and extremely gentle on materials due to pH value of 7.5 

  • Usage
    • Spray wheel cleaner from close up all over the wheel rim
    • Leave to act for about 5 minutes, use a sponge or brush on stubborn dirt
    • Then rinse surfaces, rims and tyres thoroughly with powerful water jet / pressure washer
    • Although generally compatible with all materials, as a precaution in the case of very high quality and exotic, polished or brushed wheels, testing beforehand on an inconspicuous area is recommended
    • Caution: Never apply the wheel rim cleaner on hot rims or in the sun
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6100 1741 WHEE.RIM CLEAN.FOAM R522 400ML Piece e 12