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Acetone Cleaner R592


  • Special cleaner for unvarnished metal surfaces and glass
  • For degreasing of metals before varnishing, filling, adhesive
    and sealing work
  • Highly volatile: dries quickly and without residue
  • Effortlessly removes grease, oil, adhesive residue, paint and tar splashes,
    bitumen, paraffin-based vehicle waxes and other
    anti-corrosion agents, PU foam residue and many
    other types of contamination
  • Apply to the surface with a cloth, wipe gently across the surface, allow
    to take effect and wipe clean with a clean cloth
  • May corrode plastics and copper-containing metals – test
    for compatibility in an inconspicuous area before use
  • Free from AOX, toluene and silicones