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Oil stain remover professional R596


  • Reliably removes penetrating oil/fat on interlocking paving stones, clinker brick, natural stone, concrete, screed, exposed aggregate concrete, and ceramic
  • Creates a dry, oil-free and fat-free substrate to which the following coatings and paints - even acrylic paints diluted by water- will adhere 100%.


  • The substrate must be dry. Before cleaning remove any oil residue, fat, or other liquids from the surface using paper towels or a suitable oil binder (e.g. FÖRCH Art.-No.: 6190 9500)
  • Shake Oil Stain Killer R596 well and apply to the soiled surfaces
  • A white crust will quickly form that contains all fat and oil residue
  • The working time depends on the environmental temperature and the degree of soiling (at 20°C about 30 minutes)
  • Simply brush off or vacuum up the white crust
  • It is not necessary to rinse with water after
  • Repeat the process again for especially persistent stains

!Not suitable for use with bitumen, asphalt, or painted surfaces CAUTION: