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Cleaning Starter Set


Ultra Clean Red

  • Strongly acid and highly active cleaning concentrate with excellent limescale, rust and cement dissoluting power  

Ultra Clean Blue 

  • Strongly alcaline cleaning concentrate with very high grease, oil and dirt dissolving power 

Citro-Power High Performance Cleaner

  • High quality special cleaning concentrate based on natural active components made from orange and lemon oil

Surface Disinfection Clean-Express FÖRCH 5*

  • High quality wipe disinfection with a broad spectrum and very short exposure time due to a micro-biocidal agent on an inorganic basis


  • 1× 500 ml Ultra Clean Red
  • 1× 500 ml Ultra Clean Blue 
  • 1× 500 ml Citro-Power High Performance Cleaner
  • 1× 500 ml Surface Disinfection Clean-Express FÖRCH 5*
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