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Ultra Red


  • Powerful acidic cleaning concentrate with exceptional limescale,

    rust, and cement dissolving capacity
  • Removes extremely persistent inorganic and mineral

    contamination, such as limescale and rust deposits, cement

    residue, boiler, urine and milk scale, patina, brake dust

    and much more
  • Cleans plastic surfaces, glass, porcelain, tiles and other

    waterproof and acid-resistant surfaces thoroughly and without

    causing damage
  • Dissolves minor metal oxidation and restores the natural shine

    to surfaces
  • Penetrates and loosens even the most stubborn dirt
  • Pleasant odour for a fresh aroma
  • Highly concentrated form ensures extremely economical use
  • Free of silicone, AOX, phosphate, solvents

Usage instructions:

  • Shake or stir well before use and check its compatibility with the

    material being cleaned
  • Depending on the area of application and level of contamination,

    spray the diluted solution on the surface to be cleaned, allow it to

    stand for a short time, rub it in with a brush if necessary, and then

    rinse thoroughly with water
  • Dilution recommendation with water: Pure up to 1:5 for persistent
  • contamination, up to 1:30 for routine cleaning
  • Do not use in direct sunlight or on hot

  • Do not allow to dry
  • Avoid using on materials that are sensitive to acid, such as marble,

    travertine, aluminium and acrylic glass
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(1L) ULTRA RED 6890 1 901 (1L) ULTRA RED Bottle e 12
(10L) ULTRA RED 6890 1 910 (10L) ULTRA RED Container 1
(25L) ULTRA RED 6890 1 925 (25L) ULTRA RED Container 1