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Power Cleaner R549


  • Cleaning concentrate for most persistent dirt on vehicles, to be used in car washes, repair shops and many others more
  • Acid-base
  • pH-undiluted: 3.0
  • Removes quickly and thoroughly persistent dirt as fats, oils, oxidation residue, cement and limescale etc. of metal, paint, plastic, rubber etc.
  • For use in vehicles, commercial and construction vehicles, cement and lime silo trucks. Also for stainless steel or aluminium superstructures or attachments, for tarps, tires, tiles etc.
  • Dilute with water depending on the type of application and the degree of dirt, recommended mixing ratio: 1:10 to 1:30


  • Spray onto parts to be cleaned and let act for max. 5 min.
  • Rinse well with water, ideal treatment is by using a hot water high pressure cleaner with plenty of water and and a lance distance of 1m
  • Fast separating according to Ö-Norm B 5105
  • AOX-, silicone- and silicate-free
  • Attention: do not use on glass and mirrors and do net let the medium get touch dry!

Suitable spout:

  • 25 l: Art.-No. 6000 0025 / 6000 0029