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Mirror - Adhesive Tape


  • Ideal for the sticking of mirrors and even plastics on glass, wood, metal, stone and plexiglass
    - suitable for dispenser and holder fastening in sanitary areas, for the fixation of bars etc.
  • Also suitable for Number Plate Fixing
  • Double-sided high-grade acrylic adhesive
    - stong adhesive at the beginning and secure final adhesion
  • Carrier material made of 1 mm strong copolymer foam
    - non-ageing and UV-resistant
    - temperature resistant from -40 °C to +80 °C

Assembly advice:

  • For mirrors the adhesive stripes must be applied vertically and in several stripes
  • Shear and pulling force are reduced and have to be spread evenly onto the whole surface
  • Technical data
    Application quantity:
    Mirror surface/ cm²Mirror thicknessMirror thicknessMirror thicknessMirror thickness
    3 mm4 mm5 mm6 mm
    1001.5 cm2 cm2.5 cm3 cm
    2003.5 cm4.5 cm6 cm7.5 cm
    5009 cm12 cm15 cm18 cm
    100018 cm24 cm30 cm36 cm
    200036 cm48 cm60 cm72 cm
    500090 cm120 cm150 cm180 cm
    10000180 cm240 cm300 cm360 cm

    The indicated application lengths must be distributed at every vertical

  • Usage