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Spray Filler Grey L269


  • Can be universally used for substrates like steel, zinc plated steel, as well as for different plastic materials
  • Fast drying, very high filling power with just a few spray coats and very high build
  • Good adhesion to the substrate and good grindability
  • To be used preferably to even out minor impressions, residual unevenness after filling operations, grinding marks and lines


  • Sand the substrate and then clean it thoroughly with 1K-PUR/ASK-Cleaner R540 Art.-No. 66006109


  • Shake can thoroughly for 2 min
  • Do a test spraying
  • Spray distance approx. 15 cm
  • Apply in 2 coats with 5 min airing time in between the spray operations
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6260 2791 SPRAY FILLER GREY L269 400ML Piece esd 24