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Flowable Adhesive Grease S401


  • Adhesive grease with long-term lubrication, resistant to extreme pressures
  • Temperature-resistant from -35 °C up to +200 °C
  • Loosens screws and bolts which have rusted in place even when thread is defective
  • Prevents cold welding on thread
  • Benefit / Value
    • With emergency lubricating characteristics
    • Works into all gaps and forms a high-pressure resistant lubricant film
    • Resistant to salt water. dilute acids & other aggressive media
    • High adhesion, also penetrates into chain pin bearings
    • Dissolves resins
    • Biodegradable > 90 % as per CEC L-33-T-82
  • Usage
    • Rollers and ball bearings, also chain inner bearings, spur and worm gears
    • All kinds of joints and couplings, machinery and precision parts etc.
    • Suitable for loosening and lubricating all chains and wire ropes
    • Door locks, door hinges, sliding rails, brake rods etc.
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6500 5550 FLOWABLE ADH.GREASE S401 500ML Piece ed 24