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Leaf-Spring / Pinion Lubricant S452


  • Colour: blackish-brown
  • Extremely pressure-resistant, optimally adhesive special lubricating agent
  • Prevents leaf spring noises
  • Seals against rust
  • Conserves and protect against wear
  • Extremely long-lasting, builds up the grease film on its own
  • Temperature resistant from -30° C up to +150° C
  • Water-repellent and resistant to more than 90° C
  • For heavy duty pivoted bogies, gears, chain wheels, chains, wire ropes, machinery
  • Surface spray head: leaf spring lubrication -
    Spot spray head: gear / wire rope lubrication
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6500 5775 LEAF-SP./PINION LUB.S452 500ML Piece ed 24