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Ceramic Extreme Anti Seize Spray S428


  • Long-term ceramic lubricant
  • Up to +1,400°C heat-resistant, short-term up to +1,600°C
  • Strong adhesion and resistant to high impacts and pressures
  • Ideally suitable for push-on and bolted connections on the entire exhaust system, also for brake protection, wheel nut and
  • Free of standard and heavy metals
  • Prevents sticking, seizing and squealing noises
  • Prevents wear and tear
  • Colour: White
  Art. No. Art. Description Download data sheets QTY Quantity unit PU Packing unit    
CER.XTR.ANTI S.SPRAYS428 400ML 6510 5100 CER.XTR.ANTI S.SPRAYS428 400ML Piece ed 24
CER.XTREME.ANTI S.SPR.S428  4G 6510 5104 CER.XTREME.ANTI S.SPR.S428 4G Tube e 50
CER.EXT.ANTI S.SPRAY S428 500G 6510 5110 CER.EXT.ANTI S.SPRAY S428 500G Can e 22