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Rust Solvent Black Magic S411


  • Dissolves quickly seized screw connections and bolts
  • Extreme pressure resistance due to graphite content
  • Maintains and preserves
  • Compatibility with sealing gaskets
  • Capable of creep, displaces and infiltrates
  • Synthetic rust solvent - graphite based
  • Safety spray head with ball valve
  • Resistant / pressure-resistant
  • Technical data
    Basis:synthetic oil with graphite content
  • Benefit / Value
    • Graphite ensures long-lasting dry lubrication
    • Overhead spraying (360°)
    • No unintentional actuation of spray head
    • Preserves and protects the sprayed surfaces against humidity, moisture and salt water
  • Usage
    • Suitable for application on spring suspensions, plugs and injection nozzles, all seals and mounting parts, exhaust systems, turbo chargers, nuts and screws, Bowden cables, chain drives, wire rope roists, control instruments, wiper axis, brake linkages etc.