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Fire Stop Spray


Ideally suitable for extinguishing fires of the classes "A" and "B" an early stage.

  • High extinguishing level, at least 45 seconds until complete emptying
  • Wide reach of at least 3.5 m
  • Also usable at voltages of 240/380 V with a security distance of at least 1m.
  • Contains AFFF-foam-extinguishing solvent (AFFF = Aqueous Film Forming Foam)
  • Biodegradable

Application fields:

  • Specially suitable for single-user workstations to guarantee immediate counter-attack for e.g.
    - Handwork, Workshops
    - Industrial firms
    - Store room
    - Fuse boxes and electric cabinets
  • Also suitable for cooling down strongly heated spots e.g. strongly heated engine bonnets in engine fires, heated workpieces
  • Ideal for every household e.g. textile fires caused by irons, accidents with candles or wood stoves


  • Remove the cap. Aim at the centre of the fire and press the trigger. As required, extinguishing can be interrupted by easing the trigger.
  • Caution: does not replace any specified fire extinguisher.
Application areas:
  • Particularly appropriate for an application on single working places in order to provide a fast access e.g.
    - Craftsman businesses and industrial maintenances
  •  Warehouses
    - Fuse boxes and electrical cabinets
  • Also appropriate for cooling highly heated surfaces, e.g. heated engine bonnets and workpieces.
  • Ideal for every household, e.g. textile ignitions due to electronic irons, accidents with candles or wood stoves