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Humid Leak Detector


  • White powder spray for quick locating of wind, moisture and dust leaks
  • Determines the leak exactly
  • Allows the detection of oil, water and fuel leaks at vehicle bodies, radiators, engine blocks, gearboxes, power steerings, fuel lines, pipes, pumps, and door, window and trunk seals, etc.
  • Easy to clean away after application
  • Safe use on rubber and vinyl


  • Spray Humid Leak Detector on the possible leak 
    and let dry for a few minutes. Testing area must be clean and dry.
  • Water, oil and fuel leave clearly visible traces in the powder
  • When used for rubber seals as e.g. at doors, trunk lids spray to the opposite side.
    After ventilating, close the door, trunk lid etc. carefully. After re-opening the door, trunk lid you can see possible leaks by the lacking powder marks on the seals.
  • In case of leaks in the vehicle underbody or trunk
    spray Humid Leak Detector to eventually open seams, cracks or openings. 
    The powder ingresses through smallest cracks or holes to the inside. 

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