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Brake Disc Protection Spray P321


  • Protects brake discs from corrosion and rust film during long periods of inactivity
  • TÜV tested
  • Silicone and resin free
  • Benefits of corrosion protection:
    - no damage of braking effect caused by "stand-rust"
    - eliminates brake noise caused by rust
    - retains aesthetic of high-quality alloy rims
    - brake pads remain free
  • The transparent protective layer does not effect the braking effect when the vehicle is used
  • Protective layer removes itself automatically when the brakes are applied


  • Before use clean the brake discs with FÖRCH brake cleaner and allow to dry
  • Shake aerosol vigorously
  • Apply evenly until a complete protective layer is achieved
  • Usage
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6100 1675 BRAKE DISC PROT.SPR.P321 400ML Piece ed 24