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Active-Synthetik plus 4 P359


  • Completely synthetic surface care with satin effect
  • Surface slip effect   
  • For the regeneration of plastic surfaces
  • Silcone-free
  • Aerosol spray can with ball valve can be used in any position
  • With safety spray head

  • Benefit / Value
    • For the treatment of the car interior, seat-belts, window guides, door rubbers, rubber mats, seat rails, plastic parts etc.
    • Eliminates creaking noises
    • Antistatic UV-stabilizer
  • Usage
    • Spray evenly onto the parts to be treated from a distance of 20 cm
    • Do not spray screens and windows
    • Then wipe with a soft cloth
    • Air-out the passenger cabin
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6100 0359 ACTIVE+4 PL&RU.CARE P359 300ML Piece ed 24