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Environmental Policy

and Policy Statement

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DIN EN ISO 14001

The secure compliance with legal requirements and FÖRCH’s own environmental standards is the basis of the FÖRCH environmental management system. The regular review of this environmental policy with a corresponding adjustment to recent developments aims for a continuous improvement of the environmental protection.

This environmental policy also applies to the companies related to FÖRCH located in foreign countries unless they are involved in the combined certification of our Quality / Environmental Management System. It reads:


Promote the motivation of environmental awareness

Awareness and responsibilities for environmental protection will be promoted through training and information for the employees at all levels.

Control of the environmental management system

The timeliness of the environmental policy is ensured by regular reviewing; through internal audits, whose results are documented and evaluated.

Company procedures and products

Environmental impacts emanating from current activities at the site and the connected related companies are monitored and evaluated. Appropriate measures for the reduction of environmental impacts are taken which reduce resp. avoid emissions, water pollution or waste and other environmental influences. This is supported by using environmental-friendly technologies.

Contractors and suppliers

Suppliers and other business partners will be encouraged to environmental-friendly production and management by appropriate information.

Fire and security

A fire protection and emergency plan have been established and are regularly updated and exercises and coordination with external places involved are performed.

Customer information

FÖRCH customers are informed and, if necessary advised, about all environmentally relevant aspects of the products.

New products and processes

Environmental impacts of new products, activities and processes will be evaluated in advance and reduced as far as technically and economically possible.

Information to the public

The FÖRCH Management will make environmental activities of the FÖRCH Group available to interested parties upon request.

Management commitment

In the context of corporate due diligence we define our environmental policy with the environmental overall objectives and principles of action of our company, with the present Management Manual.

FÖRCH puts into effect and practice an environmental management system oriented towards the determined normative, legal and internal requirements and regulations, maintains it and continually improves its effectiveness.

The integrated Management Manual provides a description of the conditions laid down by FÖRCH for the Environmental Management and Quality Management System. Its application ensures that contractual requirements are met and all organizational, commercial and technical activities that have an impact on the environment, are planned, managed and monitored.

Through this statement, the Management requires all employees to carry out their activities in accordance with the descriptions in this Management Manual and the downstream work instructions to ensure that the environmental specifications meet the prescribed and self-imposed requirements and the expectations of society.

Our goal is to continuously improve our environmental performance. With the assessment of results, internal audits, and periodic reports about the company’s environmental protection performance, the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the environmental management system is regularly reviewed by the Management.

We provide all the necessary resources to meet our environmental objectives and the implementation of environmental policy.

The Management rates itself and the degree of fulfillment of the norm in the company.

We commit ourselves and our related companies in foreign countries to continuously improve and develop our environmental management system.


Neuenstadt a.K., Juni 1st, 2013

Certificate DIN EN ISO 14001:2009