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It started in 1963.

Theo Förch founded a screw trade.

Theo Förch had a highly remunerated, promising position at the legendary motor manufacturer NSU as an engineer. But the son of the farmer coming from Kochertürn has an idea which he cannot let go: If more and more cars are built then the car repair shops will have got their hands full. The demand in screws and other small parts will increase extremely. Theo Förch realized this chance. He is ambitioned enough to seize this opportunity. On January 1st, 1963 he founded his screw trade: Theo Förch OHG.

The first company headquarters: a barn at the parental premises at Kochertürn. It had been his storage and office at the same time. And unfortunately it had not been heated. These had been difficult times for Theo Förch and his follow campaigners. They had to pinch pennies: they collected and reused the incoming packaging material. The vehicle fleet at the site of the company mainly consisted of the tractor belonging to his brother. Being down-to-earth is trump. But it’s all paying off. The screws found buyers. The company is in the black. From the beginning.

Today, the headquarters of an internationally successful group is located nearby the barn where it all started. 2'100 employees, thereof 1’300 field service employees, 17 national companies about 300 million Euro turnover – are a few key data of a brilliant success story.

In 2007, Theo Förch had been awarded the business medal of the Land of Baden-Wuerttemberg which is being awarded as an appreciation for exemplary merits for the country’s economy.