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Quality Policy

Policy statement

DIN EN 9001

The focus of our quality policy are our customers which we want to supply with products and services that meet their demands and expectations.

This aim can however only be achieved if the following principles with regard to quality are observed:

  • A high quality of our products and services (service) is regarded as our main objective.
  • The benchmark for our product and service quality is determined by our customers.
  • Punctuality of our deliveries, which have to arrive properly packed safely at our customer is expected by the customer. Delivery dates given are to be kept.
  • Careful and thorough processing of inquiries, offers, orders, samples and complaints in accordance with the „”zero fault principle“.
  • Awareness of all employees with regards to their individual responsibility for the realization of our quality targets which includes to inform the group leaders about quality deviations that cannot be handled and corrected within their own area of competence.
  • Cost reduction and increase of productivity through a consistently high quality level that can only be achieved when all operations are performed correctly from the very beginning.
  • Avoiding of errors by eliminating the error cause has priority compared to correcting errors.
  • Detailed assessment of our suppliers as the quality of our products in mainly dependent on our suppliers.
  • Taking into consideration the current demands and expectations of our customers.


The target of our efforts is to achieve “customer satisfaction”.

Policy Statement with regard to the Quality Management System

In order to meet the contracted customer demands, for planning, implementation and monitoring of all quality relevant activities we have introduced in our company a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 which is practiced throughout the whole organization.

The QM-documentation which consists of the QM-manual and the documents cited therein as e.g. procedures, operating instructions, is binding for all employees of our company.

It’s the task of the representative of the top management to make sure that the QM-system is kept alive, to report regularly about the performance of the QM-system and the necessary improvements (for example by means of performed internal audits) and to bring forward the consciousness for the fulfilment of the customer demands within the company. He will be supported by the general management and all employees in the company.

The measures mentioned are supposed to implement the described quality policy of our company and this quality policy serves as binding guideline for all employees with respect to quality-conscious, customer-oriented and responsible action.

Neuenstadt a. K., Juni 1st, 2013

Certificate DIN EN ISO 9001:2008