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Adhesive Tape 30/30 Klimastar FÖRCH 5*


  • Tape is split and strips may be peeled separately
  • Perfect for sticking corners of OSB panels and beam connections, as well as adhesive connections to skylights
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Technical data
    Testing procedureValue
    Supports:Polyethylene film, UV-stabilised
    reinforced with PET yarn layers
    Carrier width:0,08 mm
    Total width:DIN EN 1942**0,34 mm, without separation layer
    Tearing force:DIN EN 14410**> 50 N/25 mm
    Elongation at break:DIN EN 14410**150 – 250 %
    Separation layer:Silicone paper
    Adhesive:Poly-acrylate adhesive
    Adhesive strength:DIN EN 1939**> 30 N/25 mm
    Attachment adhesiveness (Tack):very high
    Shear strength:medium
    Damp resistance:Lasting resistance
    Temperature resistance:-40 to +80 °C
    Verarbeitungstemperatur:-10 to +40 °C,
    recommended at > +5 °C
    Tape width:60 mm
    Roll length:25 m
    Inner core-Ø:76,5 mm
    Storage:dry at +5 to +25 °C,
    ** in accordance with the corresponding DIN
  • Benefit / Value
    • Split silicon paper enables simple corners to be formed
    • Extremely high adhesive strength
    • For indoor and outdoor use
    • High adaptive ability due to flexible support
    • Highly elastic
  • Usage
* see statement of guarantee for Klimastar System adhesive tape at