We only sell to traders

Insiders in the Field Service.

Not always dressed with a suit, but always with heart and mind.

The hallmark of a good sales representative is not just pure outward appearance; motivation, customer focus and competence are the qualities that count. Therefore you will not recognize our sales representative because of suit and tie, but because of the fact that they know what they are talking about.

What do 300.000 customers from automotive, metal and construction trade companies, as well as industrial and maintenance workshops have in common?
They will profit – apart from our product quality – from the unique consulting expertise of FÖRCH. Which means for you: We are talking to each other being on a par – and what is more important – we speak the same language thanks to our widespread industrial knowledge which is often achieved by own practical and professional experience. Thus, expert advice and assistance are never a matter of luck with FÖRCH, but we see it as important part of the full FÖRCH-package.

Regular training on the latest developments and trends is also included such as the regular exchange with you, our customers, and many other trade professionals. It’s especially those impulses that make us what we are: a strong, reliable system partner on the pulse.