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C-Parts Management with FÖRCH.

C-parts diagram

In times of global competition all company sectors must aim for maximum efficiency – especially the purchasing.

AT FÖRCH we made the necessary arrangements to allow your purchasing department to work as economical, simple and well-arranged as possible. Therefore we see ourselves not only as a simple supplier for different products but as a cross-sector provider for overall, individual and modular systematic solutions around everything that is called C-parts. There is a large potential for efficiency and productivity increases in the procurement of small parts, DIN- and standard parts, workshop chemicals, consumables, as well as drills, grinding material and tools, as those goods have a low value but by the enormous proportion of the total procurement volume, they create significant process costs in the purchasing department – especially in case of frequent order transactions.

Due to the large discrepancy between the value of goods and the process costs, it is important to optimize the purchasing processes. C-parts management should be a strategic subject in the hands of the management to balance an eventual mismatch between administration or process costs and the actual value of the article.
The right balance between merchandise value and acquisition costs is crucial for a successful C-parts management in order to use the existing savings potential.

Our flexible services extend – according to what you want – from providing advice and assistance up to the complete takeover of your preferred procurement process.
In addition to the C-parts management we offer the variable storage system VARO, especially conceived for this service, which supports perfectly the handling of C-parts.
And you can fully concentrate on your core business:

Results due to C-Parts-Management

  • individual combination of articles from our wide range of C-parts
  • consistently high quality of the articles
  • fast and reliable deliveries
  • consistent coverage of your basic needs
  • sustainable contribution for process cost optimizationg